S.E.AL. (Code Name: Torpedo)

The first and my favorite of all the Joe team’s combat divers, Torpedo brings forth all sorts of great childhood memories. First and foremost, a kid just couldn’t help but get this figure into the water, whether sink, tub, or pool. Unfortunately the aquatic adventures eventually wreaked havoc on the toy, as screws ultimately rusted, and in the case of pool action, plastic succumbed to the horrors of chlorine exposure. The same fate befell my Water Moccasin and SHARC. Let’s pause for a moment of silence in memory of all the Joe toys that gave their lives for fun in the water.

Now for the elephant in the room, the land and air parts of his Naval acronym. Yes, fellow adult collector, Torpedo looks out of place fighting on dry land while decked out in his wet suit, scuba gear, flippers, and harpoon gun. But hey, on the positive side, his flippers were removable. Even the 1983 product brochure doesn’t know what to make of him, as he’s running through the diorama dirt alongside the other Joes. Even Snow Job got a little piece of his environment thanks to a little section of strategically placed faux-snow. Torpedo doesn’t even rate a small puddle.

In the initial Sunbow mini-series, the creators must have figured someone would think his toy outfit would be an issue outside of the water, so they had Mr. Leialoha running about on land in jeans and t-shirt in later episodes. Much of his appearance is blink and you’ll miss it, but he’s there sans flippers.


  • IIRC Torpedo appears in more land based combat gear in Marvel GI Joe 49 & 50: Decent shot of him sitting in the Tomahawk in 49

  • “Toys by Roy” that takes me back.
    I didn’t have Torpedo back in the day. So…less attachment to him as a character. It’s odd he was released in 1983 but had no underwater enemies until 1985.

  • The first elephant in the room. Water soldiers who cant do anything when not in the water lol. The first of many. wasnt until Topside and Shipwreck v2 that they finally gave us Naval soldiers who can fight on ground!

  • Great figure. Was my very first articulated Action Force figure. Mine got wrecked too, first lost a flipper on a bus, thumbs broke, ruined his backpack, rusty screws from being in the water and loose joints.
    Replaced him years later but sold off my entire vintage collection a few years after…I do have the 25th version as I only collect modern sculpts now….
    Has a real special place in my heart; the first and best of all the diver figures.

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