Razorclaw (2004)

You’ll have to try very hard to avoid a Wolverine comparison when it comes to Razorclaw. From his masked, dour visage to his retractable claws to his berserker personality, the guy is the most Logan-y of all Cobras. Heck, his helmet/mask even has built-in mutton chops.

Razorclaw was part of the Valor vs. Venom series, and as such his background is that of a Cobra soldier who was subjected to Dr. Mindbender’s venomization procedure. In a further nod to the famous Marvel hero who’s the Best There is at What He Does and What He Does isn’t Pretty, Razorclaw can’t recall much of his life before his transformation.

As much as I’m bagging on the Wolvie similarities, I really do like the figure. His characterization and design fit well into the VvV concept, and the uniform is unique among Cobra agents. Considering that the series was heavy on comic book influence, you can’t blame Hasbro for going to the four-color well for material. If you dig this figure, check out the next year’s revamp, which improved the claw feature and added a removable helmet.


  • His design is very symmetrical, except those lines on his helmet and that separate belt. The belt was an odd detail, there’s no function holster there or anything, it’s just a belt with a grenade and knife on it.

    As a character it seems like he got overshadowed by Venomous Maximus, and in current fandom the V Troops seem ignored.

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