Wet-Suit (2002 Special Collection)

Doesn’t look quite so special, does he? Not considering the figure came with a grand total of none of its original accessories. But hey, at least we got a flare gun, which I suppose he can use to call for help when he realizes he’s at sea without his breathing apparatus, flippers or water sled.

Instead, the only other equipment he’s stuck with are an infantryman’s pack and a Sound Attack rifle. Sound Attack was a big part of the theme of the exclusive set in which this figure was included. Ah yes, Sound Attack. I simply must spend some time covering that subtlest and most well-integrated of Joe gimmicks.

I would point out that this figure could make for an effective Night Force Wet Suit, but there was already another one (with more appropriate accessories) from the Toys R Us Navy Assault pack of 1998. Oh well, not every Wet-Suit repaint can be Mission Brazil.


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