Sci-Fi (1994)

I almost get tired of saying this, but some of the less regarded later figures are pretty awesome, if you can see beyond some garish colors. Take this Sci Fi, for example. He’s got some really nice things going for him.

Considering some of the shortcuts that were happening late in the line, like the weapons trees and limited paint apps, he fares better than some of the previous year’s Star Brigade Joes. Okay, maybe not in the paint apps, as some of the mold details aren’t painted. But he does have some great and unique accessories.

I love the helmet. Having a two part helmet at this point in the line I see as a minor miracle. Several of the final Star Brigade Joes had some very interesting helmet designs, and this one is no different.

The backpack, though bulky, features two swiveling weapons. They’re nice additions, but the figure has trouble holding the gun handles. The figure also included a string and weights to race Sci-Fi along via his backpack a la Sky Commanders. There’s great detail on the quilted spacesuit, and he also has a cool bonus robo-glove, which the package depicts with a wrist-mounted mini gatling gun.

If there’s any character that should fit right into the neon 90’s, it’s Sci-Fi. After his original green highlighter colored uniform, it should be no surprise that the Star Brigade figure is bright. I have no problem with that.


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