Operation: Shadow Ops (Adv. of GI Joe 2010)

When did Ethan Hunt discover the Nintendo Power Glove?

When I happened upon the Adventures of GI Joe 2010 series, some of which I remember seeing during their time of release in the late 90’s, I was intrigued by the look and the audacity of the concept, but my interest was never piqued enough to pull a figure from the pegs or even turn it over to see what’s on the back of the packaging (a sly marketing practice which commonly ensnares me). Since I’ve started working on this blog, my eyes have been opened to facets of GI Joe that I hadn’t considered in a long while. And recently, the former 12 inch figure collector in me has resurfaced.

This figure, though part of a more budget-minded line, is nevertheless effective in its simplistic uniform and accessories. If you like a little spy or sci-fi element to your Joes, there’s something here for you. From photos, I initially thought the figure was outfitted in a simple black uniform. But upon closer inspection, the clothing is actually two types of material; a black cloth with a kind of glossy effect on the chest, arm and legs.

My primary color loving side is delighted with the partially bright red rifle. The splash of color (or translucency!) on a weapon or accessory was common among many figures in the line. Such is a negative in many collectors’ eyes, but if so, a weapon swap easily solves the issue. The figure also includes a headset, similar to the logo illustration on the card. The glove is the most interesting accessory for me. I haven’t seen it before, and I’m not sure if it’s a reuse. Whatever the case, the glove adds a little more play value to an already fun figure.

The Adventures 2010 Joes were also available in a variety of countenances. All the examples I’ve seen if this particular set feature the longer haired head for caucasians. It’s a good look for a set with a theme that’s more spy oriented than military.


  • “a sly marketing practice which commonly ensnares me”

    Yes! This is why we read.

  • Spies in the Joe line (Chuckles, Faces, Chameleon, et al) have always fascinated me and this figure is a damn perfect example of that. Ethan Hunt indeed, this dude is all kinds of cool.

  • My 12″ collection is being slowly and sadly sold off (apart from possibly my lovely Cy-Girls) but it’s still nice to read about interesting figures I’ve never seen.

  • Ah, when 2010 seemed like a long ways away.

    They could work these guys into ARAH’s world. Not that ARAH needs more characters, but since the comic writers invent new characters, why not base them on something from the toyline’s history?

  • I remember seeing this guy in stores, but I wasn’t really into this concept and had not yet gone completely insane for all the different head sculpts from Hasbro.
    I do like the uniform and the odd patches of shiny fabric. Really interesting.
    Does he really have one long sleeve and one short sleeve? What’s up with that?

  • Also, his rifle looks like it’s an orange AK-47 mashed into a black sniper rifle…???

  • Thank you all for the kind words…I was the designer on this line and it was a bunch of fun…

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  • The “Power Glove” was, like many parts Hasbro added to the 12” G.I. Joe catalogue in the late 90s, originally an Action Man accessory, in this case from the police-themed 1994 “Street Combat” set.

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