Snake Eyes (2009 Arctic Assault)

One winter morning before Snake Eyes ventured out into the woods to stalk some game (like you do when you’re a ninja living in a remote mountain cabin) Scarlett called to him, “Snake Eyes, honey, be sure to bundle up, or you’ll catch your death a cold.” Boy, did he ever take her seriously. Snakes is bundled up for sure.

I’m a fan of environment specific updates for core characters, the more out-there the better. I flipped out when I first saw that this version of Snake Eyes was planned. Arctic Snake Eyes? Sold! There wasn’t a whole lot I liked about the movie Snake Eyes design, but the weird side of me was really jazzed about his all-white mask and visor during the brief arctic bit. This figure doesn’t go for the full-on white mask like the movie, and I think the figure, though strange, is better for it. An odd concept, but it gets the point across that this is still our favorite noir ninja. I don’t really know why arctic versions of him fascinate me. Maybe it goes back to a coloring book I had as a kid–it was based on Marvel Comics issue number two, which featured Stalker, Breaker, Scarlett and Snake Eyes in arctic gear.

Aside from the white Snake Eyes angle, the figure is just a very nicely done arctic Joe mold. The arms and legs later made an appearance as part of the excellent Pursuit of Cobra Snow Job, so you can’t hate on it too much. There’s no typical scabbard for his sword, but it does store in the (working!) grappling hook backpack. I tell ya, no matter where the man goes, he is prepared.


  • I like this figure and have him.

  • Good figure.

    Under the visor is a generic face that’s just begging to be painted. So you can remove the visor and save the excess plastic where the visor plugs in and viola one excellent Balaclava clad head.

    Then you can give the body to any random joe for Arctic adventures.

  • It makes far more sense to wear this than to go without gloves in “The MASS Device” while wearing his original suit. A bunch of these figures would also make for some nice customs of the characters in John Carpenter’s version of “The Thing.”

  • DrSYn:

    Then you can give the body to any random joe for Arctic adventures.

    Now, that I might do one day. I’ve no need of an arctic Snake-Eyes.

  • Mine is in pieces every where. I took the parka off, head switched the ROC Shipwreck head and Red Fang goggles, along with ROC Shippy’s Backpack, some web gear and that’s my default Frostbite. Seeing this figure again in it’s original context makes me want to put the figure back the way it was!

  • I like him but on a comedic level. He and White Vader from the Infinates comic pack are good buddies LOL.

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