Xamot (2005)

If there’s been one (make that two) figures Joe ‘toon and comic fans have yearned for over the years, it’s Tomax and Xamot in their Extensive Enterprises business suits. I should have prefaced that by saying adult Joe fans, since I certainly didn’t give a whit about having any business-suited action figures during my childhood Joe years. It’s only with a nostalgia-addled mind that I would consider such a thing to be an essential part of my collection. I had a hard time justifying playing with Admiral Ackbar in his Mon Calamari version of a Mr. Rourke’s outfit, let alone a Cobra villain in an 80s power suit. But that’s just me.

The 2005 Crimson Guard Force multi-packs were unique not only in that they offered the Crimson Twins attired in something other than circus style costumes, but that two variations of packs were available, each containing one of the brothers. Some may call it a crass ploy to get collectors buying up two sets, but I was going to buy multiples anyway. I couldn’t get enough of the Siegies in this set.

I can commend the effort at the suit. At least Hasbro tried, and did the best they could with what was available. Sure, the dress blues Gung Ho legs would have been a better choice than sticking with Headman’s Zoot Suit legs, but I imagine those molds weren’t around. Didn’t the ’87 GH end up in South America? I’m not sure about the pearlescent plastic of the suit, but maybe it’s an attempt to replicate a silk look? The guys have always dressed pretty spiffy.

Regardless of the weird look, I’m a sucker for picking up any Tomax and Xamot set. My only wish for these two would have been some kind of mirror gimmick inside the packaging, or possibly a reference to the other brother being available in another pack. I do give props for the package art flip-flopping the pair’s direction in the character line-up. Oh, and further props for not including the horrendous original laser rifles.


  • ’87 Gung Ho went to Brazil. Hasbro probably had the mold, just too lazy to look for it.

    This was one set Hasbro got nearly right. Except for Firefly. Splitting the twins for army builders made no sense when they included him. I think the original plan was for the twins to both come in the set. But, Hasbro got wise on army builders and split them with the intention of adding another figure. But, the CGI mold was being used for the con set so they slapped a quick and cheap Firefly repaint in at the last minute. Pure speculation. But, Hasbro of that time was lazy rather than just mean.

    • That isn’t how toy manufacturing works.
      -Hasbro doesn’t have most if any of the Brazil molds.
      -They would have known what was in the set long before production started.
      -All figures in the set were made at the same time, so clearly they had the CG mold.

      • Hasbro had most of the Brazil molds. They proved that with some comic pack and then lots of Convention releases. They had no incentive to look for them. (’88 Destro, Mace, HH, HHST, Gristle etc.) They told collectors they were gone to get us off their backs.

      • Barely adequate release. Nice on paper. Kinda sad in person.

        It’s still sad that the best figure in the Crimson Guard pack was Firefly. LOL.

        That new CG mold with the non-turning head and big helmet…it’s not the best thing.

  • “I’m not sure about the pearlescent plastic of the suit, but maybe it’s an attempt to replicate a silk look?”

    Sharkskin suits, no doubt in my mind.

  • I would have used the Action Marine legs here, based on a few customs that predated these sets.

  • “Nostalgia-addled mind”
    Guilty as charged. Lol

  • It’s not a terrible figure. And I was the kid who, heavily influenced by the cartoon, wanted suited Twins and plainclothes Siegies. Extensive Enterprises was my TV table, and their dais was my Atari 2600 (never bothered making desks). The Twins’ costumes worked okay, but it was tough to imagine the bright red Siegies sneaking around eluding the Joes, so the Crimson Guard lost significance with me over time.

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