Low-Light (1993)

I am not ashamed to say that I love the Dino Hunters. I’m not taking about an ironic or hipster love, but a straightforward nerdy adult who collects toys love. And there’s not much of a nostalgia angle to it either, since my childhood Joe years were 1982-1987. No, the Dino Hunters set came around when I was in full sneaking into Toys R Us college student mode.

Low-Light in 1986 and 1991 was a subdued GI Joe figure. Dressed first in greys and then brown and black while incorporating flashes of brighter color, he was a figure who certainly could blend into the night. Not so with his Dino Hunters getup, at least from the waist up. I suppose when you’re fighting T. Rex and Raptor and whatever it was that tore the hell outta Dennis Nedry, you don’t need to worry much about attacking from the shadows. If you’re gonna fave the possibility of being eaten alive, you might as well dress like you want.

Low-Light, like his partner Ambush came jam-packed with weaponry; no less than five items. This was common for the time, and thankfully the man was given his old sniper rifle as well as his spiffy ’91 helmet and visor. Under the helmet, he’s gone back to his blonde roots, although he’s kept the 90s beard. It’s a good look, but the change makes his hair color change from two years previous even more questionable. Did he run out of Just For Joes hair color?


  • The Dino Hunters are great. I bought a complete original Ambush just to get his gear for Dino Ambush. The bright colors even make sense because they’re hunting animals not Cobra, and would want to be visible to the other hunter. Too bad they couldn’t work some others Joe’s in. Muskrat, Outback, maybe even Tracker would have been fun recruits to the Dino Hunters.

  • Would love to try a head swap with 1991 Low Light.

  • Thanks to a small number of 2002 figures, you can give this Low-Light his backpack and knife.

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