Checkpoint (2006)

The Steel Brigade made a surprise return to the Joe mythos at the tail end of the new sculpt era. It was a welcome sight for me, as I’ve always liked both the SB concept as well as the unique helmet design. Though the familiar design made an appearance (and was removable!) as part of 2004’s Anti-Venom squad, we got an official Steel Brigade trio as part of the Direct to Consumer offerings.

Checkpoint fulfills a meaningful role for the Steel Brigade. I can see the Brigade functioning in support positions like security. Checkpoint looks the part of military police, with nightstick and armored vest. The missile launcher seems like a bit of overkill, but it’s a cool accessory. I’m racking my brain trying to figure if this thing was released before. Check that–the launcher was released with DTC Salvo. By the way, Salvo also lent parts of his body mold to the figure as well, along with Joe mainstay Grunt. Now that’s appropriate.

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  • The updated helmet and body armour chassis are very cool, but rather undermined by the rolled-sleeve, scoop-necked sweater…

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