Triple ‘T’ (2015 Kre-O)

I initially thought the vehicle in the Construction Commandos exclusive set was going to be an afterthought. Having bought all of the regular release Kre-O sets and vehicles, I figured the final product would be something along the lines of smaller builds like the pseudo-VAMP or mini-Water Moccasin. Boy, was I wrong. This is a really nice vehicle build.

Triple 'T' (2015 Kre-O)

This is one of the most solid (more than just figuratively) vehicle builds of the Kre-O line. As I was putting it together, I found myself piling brick upon brick upon brick like no other Joe vehicle in the series. As a result, the Triple ‘T’ ends up with an impressive heft when it’s done. The detailing is nicely set up, with the missiles and cannons rendered in a more robust way than I’ve seen on other kits.

There are a number of printed bricks as well. In fact, the Triple ‘T’ doesn’t have a single sticker to apply. Is that a first for Kre-O? The printing certainly puts this one a notch or two higher than most other sets, and lends more to the accuracy of the build. It’s another vehicle release that attempts to stay close to the original model. The Terrordrome was very faithful, and the HISS was a noble attempt, but this one reminds me more of the accurate builds from customizers like Geewunner than other official product. Speaking of customs, now we need Night Force and variant mail-in versions.

It will be a shame if Hasbro’s foray into the brick world comes to an end, as more builds like this would have been phenomenal in the main line. Convention exclusives are supposed to offer a little something more than the usual mass market product, and the Construction Commandos set has delivered from start to finish. From the packaging to the figures and finally this vehicle, the set was a cut above.

Triple 'T' (2015 Kre-O)

Triple 'T' (2015 Kre-O)

Triple 'T' (2015 Kre-O)


  • Looks like a great little set

  • You’re right, this might be one of the best Kreo models Hasbro has done. While I’m not a fan of the original Triple T (even “for what it is”), this falls right into the whimsy of brick fun for me. Kreo Sarge can be even MORE over the top! And this vehicle really feels like a special edition.

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