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Zombie Initiative Ozone

by KansasBrawler I realize the original Eco-Warriors subteam gets a lot of well-deserved criticism for both its inception (trying to jump on the popularity of environmentalism in the 90s) and its gimmick (water-triggered color-change plastic). However, the one thing I loved about the original subset was that it was mostly new characters. By 1991, we were starting to see a

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Zombie Initiative Toxo-Zombie

by KansasBrawler In my opinion, if you’re going to revisit the Eco-Warriors concept, you have to go all in and bring the Toxo-Zombie back as well. Thankfully, the GIJCC shared my opinion on that one. While I never had the original Toxo-Zombie, I thought the idea was pretty cool but felt the color scheme was pretty lacking. However, since Hasbro

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Zombie Initiative Outback

by KansasBrawler Every good zombie story needs that one character who is prepared for the zombie outbreak. For the Zombie Initiative, the GIJCC decided to make it be Outback—and I love that choice. As the Joe’s resident survival expert, Outback has the requisite skills to survive a full-on zombie apocalypse and while that’s not quite what happened in the Zombie

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