Sgt. Slaughter (2006)


Love him or hate him, there’s no escaping Sgt. Slaughter if you’re a small scale GI Joe collector. Granted, his appearances haven’t been as numerous since his 80s heyday. Heck, this figure is his sole appearance during the time referred to as the new sculpt era, and he showed up again in the modern style only as an elusive SDCC

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Jungle Viper (2005)


The Jungle Viper from 2005 was released as part of the– “Hey Rob, you already covered a Jungle Viper a couple weeks ago.” Yes, I did. “So you’re running out of ideas for subjects, huh? Took you almost five years, but you’re finally out of gas and forgetting what you’ve already posted.” Easy there, Chester. I haven’t quite run out

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