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Zombie Initiative Ozone

by KansasBrawler I realize the original Eco-Warriors subteam gets a lot of well-deserved criticism for both its inception (trying to jump on the popularity of environmentalism in the 90s) and its gimmick (water-triggered color-change plastic). However, the one thing I loved about the original subset was that it was mostly new characters. By 1991, we were starting to see a

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Zombie Initiative Toxo-Zombie

by KansasBrawler In my opinion, if you’re going to revisit the Eco-Warriors concept, you have to go all in and bring the Toxo-Zombie back as well. Thankfully, the GIJCC shared my opinion on that one. While I never had the original Toxo-Zombie, I thought the idea was pretty cool but felt the color scheme was pretty lacking. However, since Hasbro

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