Cobra Commander (2008 SDCC Blue Variant)

Oh you gotta love the 25th Anniversary San Diego Comicon variant figures. Yesterday I recounted a tale of the joys of toy collecting in the 90s, when figures appeared in dump bins like manna from heaven, plentiful and inexpensive. Today, witness the horrors of snagging online exclusives. The Lord giveth, and Hasbrotoyshop pisseth off.

This is the last SDCC GI Joe exclusive figure I was able to get via an HTS online sale. I couldn’t get lucky with Sgt. Slaughter, and didn’t even come close with later released. The limited amount of exclusives that appear on the shop result in a torrent of F5 mashing among collectors eager to pick up something they couldn’t get without a trip to the con. In 2007 I had a chance to get Destro at the show, and in 2008 I blundered into being fortunate enough to get both the black and blue versions into my cart before the stock disappeared down the series of tubes. Oh well, I had a good run of two years.

The figure itself is pretty cool both in concept and execution. An early days Commander is a unique idea, and I dig the humble sports coat and basic podium look. I’d mention the khaki pants but that particular clothing item has been sullied by tiki torch bearing yahoos. Thankfully he’s not wearing a white polo.

If only Hasbro had chosen to expand its alternate Cobra Commander offerings, we could have finally had the 80s comic disguise version to keep him company; beret, ponytail and all.


  • I’d mention the khaki pants but that particular clothing item has been sullied by tiki torch bearing yahoos.

    Nobody comes here for your politics, Rob.

    • I’m quite certain that most of us can speak for ourselves. You can drop the hyperbole. I have 0 issue with personal beliefs being interjected with personal reflections.

  • What Snake Eyes Said (...)

    Not actually 25th anniversary, this used a Indy Crystal Skull figure body and pre-25thA head. Lots of store sites lump the last Direct to Consumer figs in with 25th and it always bugs me.

  • Wow that podium is a killer accessory, wonder if I could ever find one……

  • One great thing about this action figure: it really sends one’s imagination into overdrive, wondering what the early days of Cobra must have been like.

    I wonder if Cobra Commander got paid for his speaking engagements? You think he ever got invited to do a graduation speech at a university? I wonder if protesters tried to shut it down? You think he ever managed to touch off a riot at one of his speeches?

    There must have been so many other fascinating first moments. The day Cobra Commander’s first mirrored faceplate was delivered by UPS, and he got to finally try it on. The first time one of his followers got to try on the blue Cobra uniform, complete with face bandana, helmet, and suspenders. That first business lunch where he got to have a sit-down face-to-face meeting with Destro…

    Maybe IDW needs to do a Cobra Commander: Year One series.

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