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Tripwire (2001)


The original Tripwire actually got a lot of play on my Joe team back in the 80s. It seemed that for a while, no matter what sort of mission I cooked up for my squad, they came across a situation demanding Mr. Skoog’s unique specialty. Now that I think about it, navigating a group of toy soldiers through a minefield

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Storm Shadow (2000)

There’s something interesting about this starkly decorated Storm Shadow. Part of the short-lived o-ring rebirth at the beginning of the millennium, he was packaged with his sword brother, Snake Eyes. While Stormy was outfitted in all-white, Snakes had emblazoned his unit’s logo on his pant leg. So much for stealth on both accounts. It’s ironic that this barely painted figure

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Snake Eyes (2000)

Over the years, we’ve covered many different flora and fauna of pant. Some have been flashy, some short, some animal print. Snake Eyes, though he tends to dress in variations of black, black and black, has sometimes ventured into the more decorative realm. Usually, these detours have been related to environmentally specific uniforms. This time however, Snake Eyes is sporting

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Sub Viper (2001)

The pilot of the Wave Crusher, a repainted SHARC released as part of the Real American Hero Collection, the Sub Viper is itself a redeco. Though his vehicle is something of a lackluster repaint of a craft that’s been done to death, the Sub Viper himself is welcome reuse of a cool 90s mold. The Sludge Viper figure on which

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Gung Ho (2001)

Is it just me, or is this Gung Ho really pale? He appears quite pallid, like he’s just seen a ghost. Though the series of figures released after the late 90s Toys R Us sets were an interesting mix including later molds, the paint schemes and even the plastic itself were of a strangely different quality than what was produced

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Major Bludd (2000)

The 2000 Real American Hero Collector series were, for the most part, a drab lot in terms of paint schemes. That wasn’t a liability when it came to producing a nice homage to the original Bludd figure. Based on the Super Sonic Fighter figure, Major Bludd has been given the kind of repaint treatment that fans of 90s molds have

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Firefly (2000)

Well, if you like your GI Joe figures done up drab and gritty, this is the Firefly for you. The third appearance of a classic mold, and one that would wear out its welcome by the end of the decade, Firefly worked for me in whatever environmental variation Hasbro chose to place him. This could be jungle Firefly, or even

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Sure Fire (2001)

I’ve wondered about the 2001 GI Joes, with their odd renamings and new head sculpts. Remolds of Roadblock, Torpedo and even Duke were turned into new or different characters. Some of it I’m sure was due to rights issues with names, like Shockwave, whose moniker Hasbro also couldn’t apply to its Transformers brand. Creating new Joes was at least a

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Leatherneck (2001)

Leatherneck? Really? Though I generally enjoyed the 2001 series of figures, this one strikes me as quite a lazy attempt at creating something new. Just one year before, the entire ’92 Duke mold was re-released. To repurpose the top half, slap on a new head, and give him Roadblock’s pants just makes me wonder if they really even cared on

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