Tripwire (2001)

The original Tripwire actually got a lot of play on my Joe team back in the 80s. It seemed that for a while, no matter what sort of mission I cooked up for my squad, they came across a situation demanding Mr. Skoog’s unique specialty. Now that I think about it, navigating a group of toy soldiers through a minefield seems like more than a little grim bit of role playing for a young one.

Tripwire (2001)

Fast forward to the early 2000s, and the character re-appeared in the newly launched Real American Hero collection. This line was interesting both for its inclusion of classic favorites, as well as a rather toned down palette of uniform colors. In comparison to the bright hues of the 90s, the series offers some subdued options for those who prefer greens and browns to day-glo.

Tripwire was a pack-mate to Big Brawler, one of the most memorable (at least to me) new additions to the team in the modern era. Tormod’s new iteration is, in comparison to the force of nature that is The Brawling One rather bland. Blandness isn’t necessarily bad, especially when you’re a guy who doesn’t have anything particularly flashy to add to the team.

I find the substitution of black for light grey to be a nice change. You can even call it a Night Force Tripwire, if you’re so inclined.


  • One of the best figures from that relaunch era.
    I think I’ve figured out what Tripwires name is a reference too. But it aint pretty

  • Brilliant with that “Night Force” moniker! The Tripwire mold isn’t exceptionally good, but it’s adequate. His M.O. and unique characterization give him staying power to keep getting released.

  • Probably the best version of Tripwire!

  • I definitely would use him as a Night Force version. I think it’s funny how Tripwire and Cutter were the only swivel-neck molds released during this time.

  • This was a disappointing inclusion in the retail line in 2001 since the figure was so similar to the original and not that exciting a character. With the passage of 14 years to leave us really only with what was actually released, though, this isn’t a bad figure. It might be the best version of Trip Wire overall.

    Having the full complement of accessories and a decently updated color scheme was a nice final touch as the vintage style line began to change to more of the same molds over an over, often with random and non-sensical accessory choices.

  • Firefly, Baroness, Roadblock and Torpedo would like to have a word with you.

  • @Acer I wonder if Cutter was meant to be released earlier?

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