Sightline (2015)

We’re down to the final figure of the 2015 releases. Well, the last one I have in hand, as I can’t find a Gung Ho pack. To be honest, I’m getting more than a little burned out on the new product coverage. I can’t wait to get get back to the usual historical shuffle of JAD. Anyway, on to Sightline.

Sightline (2015)

The Night Fox mold included with the Ninja Combat Cruiser (such a lovely 90s-esque name, by the way) was interesting yet sadly lacking in articulation. The same design later showed up as Retaliation Ultimate Duke, albeit in desert camo rather than all black. It became a darling for Joe army builders and has also served as an easy base for custom figures. It’s a welcome addition as part of the latest Hasbro offerings, and I’m still a fan of the mysterious aspect of the mold’s helmeted and goggled head. Sure, it doesn’t jive with the common good guy toy concept of an uncovered face, but a little variation is a good thing. After all, Snake Eyes can’t be the only Joe to wear a mask, right?

The color matches well with the stealthy looking Skystriker repaint contained in the same set. The accessory choices make a lot of sense when you consider the inspiration for the character, the late Gary “Goggles” Head. Sightline comes with a laptop and radio, as well as an entrenching tool. Gary’s online presence, as well as his penchant for unearthing bits of Real American Hero history are well represented in these objects. I met Gary for the first time at Assembly Required in 2013. His energy and enthusiasm for the brand were infectious, and he was instantly likeable. His presentations at Joe Declassified panels were wonderfully informative and funny. I can understand how he energized Joe fans who were eager to learn more about the background of our favorite 80s toyline. His loss definitely left a void in the fandom. The figure certainly is a fitting tribute.

One last thing. When I was setting up the JAD table at last year’s Assembly Required, Gary came over, stood behind me and while looking at the JAD banner said, “I’ve got a site called Two Joes A Day–what are you gonna do about that?” That was Gary.

Sightline (2015)


  • He died of a heart attack whilst shovelling snow on his driveway, odd that they included a shovel with the figure

    • D’oh!

      Again, another figure that I would not recognize as even a G.I. Joe figure were it not for appearing on a Joe site. It looks like one of those standard military line figures you see in the toy aisle. Sure, they look decent, but they lack characterization and are kind of boring and derivative.

  • Wherever he is now, may da Schwartz be wit’ him.

  • I hate the cuffed pants on some of these new figures. As far as Goggles goes, people who knew him have publicly mourned his loss, and all told say he was a great guy. But that was a small sliver of the fandom. Most folks never even heard of the guy and the fact that Hasbro made a character for him is a bit of a head scratcher. IMO

  • I am a proud owner of this action figure.

  • It’s cool they made this figure, and the deco is nice. But my real issue is that I can’t get the arms to hold a rifle with two hands! Maybe that’s old news from the Retaliation Trooper and Duke, but it seems poor foresight for an “army builder”. The upside: Sightline is probably not shooting that .50 cal Barrett M82 standing up anyway, so the two-handed pose isn’t a major issue for him.

  • Actually, I think Snake Eyes SHOULD be the only masked Joe (at least FULLY masked Joe i.e. Beach Head, Shockwave at least show their eyes). If everybody is mysterious, then no one is.

    Poor guy. Shoveling snow… 🙁

  • I heard so much of Gary on podcasts. His loss was so unexpected 🙁

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