Well, here’s another original 80′s Joe team member done up in the modern construction style. I thought the entire reason for remaking these guys was to get them into the more detailed, more articulated format of today. Unfortunately, the play value and overall look leave me cold. I can’t stand the giraffe neck and tiny head.

The head is a reuse from the mail in exclusive Doc. It approximates the spectacled look from the comic, but the head (and even the glasses themselves) don’t really resemble the comic Short-Fuze. The rest of the body construction is decent enough, though I still can’t bring myself to like the arms. They’re just too limited in movement. On a positive note, there’s a greater attention to painted detail on the uniform, with all of the pouches, clips, grenades and such given different colors from the molded plastic.

The 25th anniversary figure helmets have been frustrating to me. They certainly don’t hold to the “snap-on, stay-on” promise of the old figures. In fact, I would more likely dub it “won’t fit, falls off.” The original figure’s visor is also missing, which is disappointing. The old visors are such simple things, but they add a further touch of individuality that’s really missed.

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