Short-Fuze is one of those original Joes who never really got his.moment in the sun. He was pretty quickly relegated to history after the first series of figures, and never received a revival in later years like Hawk or Grunt. The closest he came was with Downtown, another blonde mortarman, who could have easily been given the name (and actually was in a 2000′s multi pack). There were homage figures in the revival series of the late 90′s and into the 25th anniversary, but they were either remolds or other molds with reassigned names.

What more can be said about those original thirteen Joes, other than the effective reuse of common parts. Most of those first figures shared a few arm, leg, chest, waist and head molds amongst one another, but a little creative color assignments and gear loadouts differentiated the figures. Short-Fuze shared a chest mold, a horizontal harness, with Zap. The visor wearing figures from the first assortment were always my favorites, and Short-Fuze was sporting one as well.

The comic further separated the character from others by giving him distinctive round glasses, a feature that would later show up in a recreated comic pack figure. The Sunbow Short-Fuze was often seen with a visor and a darker helmet, though his signature harness was present.

Again, if you think these first Joes all look the same, just stand them together in a group and notice the differing shades and uniforms scattered among them. They’re really a diverse bunch, considering that Hasbro could have simply gone the cheap and easy route and recycled the Grunt mold over and over. Thankfully they didn’t, and the original Joes established the trend of distinctive uniforms and personalities that would become a hallmark of the line.

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