Muskrat (1988)


Muskrat’s file card paints a picture of a pretty interesting individual, and someone who seems like a unique presence to add to the team. Just reading his background reminds me of an old Jerry Reed song. It’s unfortunate that the 1988-1989 figures (including Muskrat) fell into a no man’s land of More >


Barbecue (1992)


Adding core Joe team members like Flint to the Eco Warriors sub-group didn’t seem to make a whole lot of sense. Barbecue, on the other hand, fits into the concept pretty well. Like the file card states, he’s used to functioning in a hostile environment, only now he may be dealing with more caustic More >


Viper (1997)


The modern collector’s frustration with one of the great vintage RAH figures began in 1997.The prospect of a remolded Viper, well remembered from 1986 as a replacement for the original Cobra blueshirt troopers, was a welcome sight on store shelves in the 90′s. Unfortunately, we only got half of More >

Field-Reports (2)

New Field Report: Chinese Major Bludd by NFCJD


JD is back with another Field Report. This time, he’s covering the infamous Chinese Major Bludd! Check it out, and you can also read my thoughts on the figure in the archive. Great minds think alike!


Low Light (2001)


I’m a huge fan of the 1991 figures. There’s not a one that I don’t find some reason to like. It’s a series that, for better or worse, seems to bridge what came before with what would come to be. It was our first exposure to spring-loaded weapons as a routine. It also featured several More >


Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur (1993)


In the annals of GI Joe, there have been many and varied animals, both friend and foe. The Adventure Team era had its tigers, gorillas, octopus and others. The Real American Hero line presented animal companions for the Joes as well as the Cobras. What would the 80′s line be without stalwart animal More >


Enemy Leader (Demon Enemy, et al.)


Feast your eyes upon the gloriousness that is Enemy Leader, a part of also-ran American (and National) Defense’s Demon Enemy line, and also released in the similarly packaged Commando Ranger (and Demon Ranger) line as “The Killer.” Whatever moniker you choose, isn’t this the most beautifully More >


HEAT Viper (1993)


I always found it strange that a late 80′s Cobra like the HEAT Viper was revisited just a few years after its original release. However, the late 80′s Alley Viper was also given new life in the Battle Corps series. I find both to be well done and worthy successors to their earlier figures, but with More >


Slip-Stream (1986)


When did Nintendo’s Mario join the Joes? In all seriousness, figures like Slip-Stream amaze me because the face is not an idealized, chiseled image of an idealized male, but more of an everyman. It’s something that the small Joe line has done since the beginning. Just look at Grunt from the first More >


Range Viper (1990)


I still have a tough time wrapping my head around the Range Viper’s look. Specifically, the head, but the rest of the figure kind of mystifies as well. I’ve always read the sculpting on the helmet as brains, which is symbolically odd, if that’s what it’s meant to represent. Why would Cobra, an More >

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