Mutt was one of my favorite figures back in ’84. Imagine my surprise seeing him as part of Slaughter’s Marauders. I confess to not understanding what these strange repaints were about when noticing them in 1989. Those old molds just looked strange hanging on the pegs. What was I doing in a toy store in ’89? The first Batman film was in theaters, and I was totally geeked out on it. I had also seen ads for toys based on it. So I made a run to TRU to seek those out, and in passing noticed the GI Joe section. This was at a time when I felt really embarrassed for going into a toy store, and although I did buy a Toy Biz Batman figure (a pretty awful toy by the way) the Joes I passed by didn’t suck me back in. That wouldn’t happen for a few more years.

The Marauders figures’ color scheme doesn’t do much for me. I much prefer the more subdued look of the vehicles, which leave out the bright blue and green. The DIC Operation Dragonfire cartoon presented a different deco for the team, doing away with the large swaths of paint for a multi colored and camo look that followed the design of each member’s uniform. Each individual looked a bit different, aside from a common element of camo pants. I liked the look so much in fact that I made a few customs based on the animated color scheme. I can’t believe it’s been almost ten years since I made them.

Mutt is missing his unique helmet, and comes with a black version of the simpler ’82-83 helmet. Mutt also broke into the hair dye and became more of a brunette, while Junkyard went all black. Thankfully Junk didn’t end up with any green stripes or a bright blue leash.

While I still like the Mutt figure on the whole, for me this version is just a colorful oddity. I actually find myself really liking and seeing more of a use for the European exclusive repaint.


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