Mutt & Junkyard (1991 European exclusive)

Mutt was my favorite Joe in 1984. Yes, even more than the ubiquitous Storm Shadow. ’84 was a year in which the Joe line went in exciting new directions with accessories. Mutt was impressive for not only having an animal sidekick, but also a cool MAC 10, nightstick, muzzle (for himself!) and new helmet. He had a cool military police vibe that I really liked. I also picked up GI Joe comic issue #25 around the same time, which was Mutt’s first appearance, and enjoyed his portrayal as much as his look.

This figure is not Stanley Perlmutter, the American character, but rather a different fellow from Glasgow, Scotland. His personality is quite different form the irascible US Mutt. This new character appears to be more of the Dog Whisperer type, as he is able to train dogs to follow his every command. The difference in character must explain Mutt’s change in hair color. The original scowling head mold was used, which is unfortunate since the European Mutt seems to be a gentler individual than his US counterpart.

The color scheme, much like the Euro version of Spirit, differs greatly from the US version. The green, blue and black really differentiate it from the previous version. This new color scheme makes Mutt look even more like military police. I’m not sure if it was intentional, but the electric blue also brings to mind Slaughter’s Marauders, a sub-group of which Mutt was a member.

This little seen figure gives us a very nice new spin on a familiar mold and character.


  • I think of 1984 as the most exciting year in the line for me as well. I also loved Mutt and Junkyard a lot better than Storm Shadow. Everything about the figure is perfect in my eyes! Definitively one of the top ten figures ever released. I remember seeing this version of Mutt outside a store in Spain along with Spirit but not being able to go in and get ’em. It’s a new character from outside our shores, so I can see Hasbro releasing him as a club exclusive retool sometime in the future.

  • I’ve never seen this figure before today! I rather like the color scheme used with the blue jeans and the grayish shirt.
    I’m currently working on a Mutt custom using his DEF figure but in more jungle camo to emphasize his underutilized jungle warfare training.

  • I came to this article via today’s Marauders Mutt review….. I wanted to read the Euro Spirit one but the link seems bust.

    I loved these three Euro reprints: Mutt had been available in the UK but very briefly and in the preceding Action Force line with the orange cards in 1985 rather than the one with the US art which started in 87 with the 85 figures. In 88, when the 86 US figures were released Low Light was skipped (like Torch in 87 and Chuckles, Crystal Ball and Sneak Peak in 89) Spirit was available in neither line.

    So 3 reprints of Must Have characters was in my eyes a complete no brainer and an INSTANT purchase

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