The Power of Packaging: Construction Commandos (2015)

Now this is what the Power of Packaging feature is all about. The San Diego Comic Con exclusive GI Joe Kre-O set came as a surprise this year, considering that the Hasbro building block system seems to be on hiatus, at least in the US. The subject matter (Sgt. Slaughter) was also unexpected, considering what you often hear about the

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Mutt (1989)

Mutt and Junkyard were favorites of mine back in 1984. With a host of great accessories, a cool uniform and an animal companion, the figure got a lot of play in my Joe adventures. I was surprised to see, upon returning to GI Joe collecting in the early 90s, that Mutt had another release. I was also surprised to catch

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Slaughter’s Marauders Red Dog

By KansasBrawler I’ve always had a weird relationship with Red Dog. He’s honestly my least favorite Renegade. While Mercer and Taurus had characterizations that interested me, an ex-football star with anger issues just never really spoke to me. Mercer and Taurus always had distinctive personalities when my brother and I were playing with them, but Red Dog was just kind

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