HISS Tank (2015)

Does the world need another HISS Tank, and another red one at that? It’s an odd shade of red for Cobra, much like its matching drivers. The effect is akin to the Hazard Vipers of a few years ago. And to belabor a joke first made years ago, an orange HISS looks like it belongs with Cobra’s Hazzard County Viper contingent. Despite the color, I do enjoy the additional elements. The rail gun is a nice improvement on the old cannons, and the new stickers add an extra dimension to the venerable vehicle. The sticker work on the vehicles this year all around has been stellar. From new striping to customizable numbers and other callouts, the quality and attention to detail are excellent. The new HISS is fine to fill out the ranks, but the big star of the Silent Strike set is still to come. Stay tuned…

HISS Tank (2015)


  • They should have just tossed in some Sludge Vipers and called it a septic tank. At least the color would have made sense, then.

  • Yeah, the red/orange is a little out of left field without an explanation. Why is Cobra running around in HazMat orange now? Not that I don’t like the HISS. I started building a “Hellfire Brigade” of garish Cobras that function as an urban wrecking crew, and this fits right in!

  • Seems weird to refer to it as red. It’s clearly orange. It’s pretty ‘meh’ but throw some Hazard Vipers in it and call it the new Septic Tank.

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