GI Joe Skystriker (2015)

So we’re up to what, four versions of the retooled Skystriker since its release a few years ago? I’m certainly not complaining, as I love the vehicle, even though it’s outdated in terms of modern US air power. The toy just conjures so many memories from 1983, playing with my original in the field next to my parent’s house. Two in particular stand out, flying the jet around with two Joes in the cockpit, and then pulling their ejection seats out, tossing them into the air  and watching them drift back down to Earth on their (nicely branded) parachutes. I know I can’t do either of those things with the newest version, but I’ll be darned if it doesn’t still look wicked just sitting on a shelf.

GI Joe Skystriker (2015)

My initial thoughts upon seeing the photos of this set were along the lines of interest, tempered with the knowledge that I was most likely going to be more excited by its SDCC exclusive brother. A GI Joe HISS and a Cobra Skystriker seemed more in keeping with my tastes toward the unusual. After picking up both sets, I find that my feelings held true about three of the four vehicles. The Skystriker was a very pleasant surprise.

For me, the stickers are what take this vehicle to another level, and elevate to be a new favorite among my modern collection. The patterns and color, especially the silver sticker options, add a new dimension of detail and contrast to the mold. It stands beautifully, and the overall fit and finish in my opinion ecplise the 30th Skystriker. The only improvement I have is a simple one, if you also own the Cobra Scythe. Simply switch the cockpit canopies. Each one matches its opposite nicely.

And that’s it for our run of 2015 GI Joe product (pending a future procurement of a Gung Ho pack). Looking back at this year’s product, it’s weird to think that these might be the last in-store Hasbro releases we see for a while. Hopefully there’s hope for GI Joe beyond a new movie line, but who knows?

It’s been a long run with this series of new releases, and I’m ready to get back to the usual JAD mix of this-and-that. I promise to feature something older (and odd) on Saturday.





  • I was in TRU for the first time in a year today. It took me quite a while to find the Joes, tucked in a corner with a multitude of other, niche toylines. I saw this set on the shelf and it was interesting. Seeing the items reviewed here really helped to flesh them out and I spent more time on them than I otherwise would have. But, it was sad to see Joe relegated to such a place of ignominy at the retailer who dominated my Joe childhood.

    I do think a hiatus for Joe would be worthwhile at this point.

    I think it’s really only a matter of time before Disney acquires Hasbro and all their intellectual property. That might infuse some shortlived vivacity into the line. Barring that, though, it’s probably best to leave Joe to the club for a while (can’t believe I just wrote that!) and let them appease collectors.

  • You are so right about the canopies, good call!

  • I’m counting 6 versions of the new Skystriker, unless there’s some you don’t count?(The Transformer ones?)
    1) Skystriker
    2) SDCC Starscream
    3) Joe Con Night Boomer
    4) SDCC Jetfire
    5) 50th Skystriker
    6) SDCC Cobra Scythe

  • I like this Skystriker. It’s sortof a poor-man’s Night Boomer, but the dark charcoal color is creative. The translucent red canopy doesn’t look so bad on this as the Basilisk, which had a very knock-off toy flavor to me. And I think I’ve finally decided on the silver stickers like yours. Guess my weekend is planned!

  • Again I repeat, “I know Justin Bell and some others in the community are a goo goo over the Wolf Squad concept, but come on…the red on Joe vehicles suck!! I swapped the Sycthe and Skystriker canopies immediately.”

  • While I bought the set mostly for Sightline, I like the “poor man’s Night Boomer” way of putting it. It’s a first experience in owning a Skystriker for me, and this plane was never a big “must have” at all.
    Another reason I bought it was more for the youngsters here, but it is a dated plane realistically. I have to wonder if this “new” G.I.Joe plane doesn’t give them the same vibes that a 1950’s-era jet-fighter gives me?

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