Corrosion (Force of Battle 2000)

By KansasBrawler For me to like an international figure, it has to be a pretty big departure from its American counterpart. That’s why I’ve always been interested in Python Patrol Airborne and Python Patrol Ripcord and am absolutely fascinated by the international Sky Patrol figures. There’s one other international figure that has strangely caught my attention over the years— the

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Cobra Mortal (2006)

This figure holds the honor of least handled of all my convention exclusives. Why? Because it came with a nice little warning note from the club explaining that the toy had to be created with a more brittle type of plastic in order to achieve a vac-metallized finish. The result was a beautifully rendered reproduction of one of the craziest

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Cobra Viper (2006)

The Viper has a storied history of releases during the new sculpt era. One would think such an iconic Cobra trooper would have been a slam-dunk success, a license to print money where army builders were concerned. Not so, thanks to weird mold choices and color schemes. Blue gave way to greens, browns and greys, and the 1986 BAT legs

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