Cutter (2013 Kre-O)

No, it’s not an exclusive brick version of the long forgotten GI Joe barber, it’s the pilot of the WHALE. Unfortunately for 80s nostalgists, that impressive watercraft was not rendered in the Kre-O format. Instead, Cutter commander the Thunderwave Jet Boat, a moderately sized and fun vehicle in its own right. The boat didn’t really have a corollary in the

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Cobra Eel (1993)

Hasbro went redeco crazy with some of 1993’s Battle Corps figures. Call it the last gasps of a once fabulously successful toyline, or a cheap way to extend the line for another year, the fact remains that, repaints aside, the year’s output in terms of single carded figures was immense. With Battle Corps and a host of offshoot sub-teams, there

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