Cutter (2013 Kre-O)

Cutter (2013 Kre-O)No, it’s not an exclusive brick version of the long forgotten GI Joe barber, it’s the pilot of the WHALE. Unfortunately for 80s nostalgists, that impressive watercraft was not rendered in the Kre-O format. Instead, Cutter commander the Thunderwave Jet Boat, a moderately sized and fun vehicle in its own right. The boat didn’t really have a corollary in the Real American Hero line, although it bore some resemblance to the Cobra Moray hydrofoil. I would have liked a Shark 9000 as well, but alas, Joe Kre-O appears to have ended its run.

Simple is the word again, and Cutter as a minifigure is made up of the most basic elements of his original design. The hat is a carryover from Transformers and Battleship sets, and serves as a good stand-in for his Boston ballcap. The removable life vest is a neat touch, a feature that would have been nice on the original o-ring figure. There’s detail on the shirt underneath, and even the holster is represented. This may not be most elaborate version of the character, but the end result is a great little homage to a classic Joe driver.



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