Crimson Guard (2008)

The Desert Assault Squad set was an interesting mix of known and new Cobra troopers. Along with Frankensteined figures, the pack also included two straight remolds of the 25th anniversary style CGs. I’ll admit that I initially found their placement in a desert theme to be out of character for the type, since these guys have not only functioned as elite troops associated directly with Cobra Commander, but also designed with form over function uniforms.

Looking at the figure years later, particularly after the release of many factory custom variants (including along others, arctic and desert) of the character, the desert scheme doesn’t seem so odd. The filecard accounts for their presence by giving them a different specialty from their normal elite status, and explains that a regiment infantry level CGs are maintained for attack and defense. Such a thing is more than a little anachronistic considering the original file card posits that the CGs are too valuable to be wasted on the conventional battlefield.

Weird explanations aside, at least we get a unique repaint out of the deal. If the desert role doesn’t suit your tastes, you can always make these guys Dockers Khaki Guards, to provide security and blend in during casual Fridays at Extensive Enterprises.


  • I used the Fred head and repainted the helmet off one to make a CG Officer custom using CC’s gloved hands and red legs from the red legs with shoes.
    I don’t like the M1 Garand rifle that comes with these removable helmet types.

  • What Snake Eyes Said (...)

    Just came across this:

    Maybe if it succeeds we could get a new Flagg crowdfunded the same way!

  • What Snake Eyes Said (...)

    It’s a 4ft Jabba’s Sail Barge btw.

  • Casual Friday lol.

  • Visually, I like CG repaints, though I agree on-location assignment doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Since I’m missing Officers in those roles, the environmentally specific CGs usually fill in.

  • Why 2 in the set? Why that rifle? Why is the helmet brown and not the color of the uniform? Why all the brown details then black boots?

    I do believe if we’d gotten a TRU/DTC o-ring Cobra Desert 6-pack, we’d have gotten this in o-ring form first. (and still no Desert Scorpions!). Just how Hasbro rolled…they seemed stuck on certain troop types, even more so in 25th era.

    The Desert Assault Squad was odd. How about yet ANOTHER type of Cobra flame thrower? Another type of hazmat trooper? “Let’s include Bludd but not give him khaki.” SO WHY INCLUDE BLUDD? Only Hasbro knows.

    • Actually, to me, the colors match, but, the brown gloves do not match with the black boots. But, I prefer the black boots because they match better with the colors of the uniform. Anyway, I do not know if those folks who do replicas of the classic o-ring figures, have done an o-ring version of this 25th Anniversary style desert Crimson Guard figure yet, but, if they haven’t, then they should. As for the Hasbro folks, they missed out on so much cool 80’s, and 90’s G.I. Joe stuff, that they could have easily reissued back in the early 2000’s. Some of that stuff did ended up been reissued, but, it was made to be convention exclusives(like the awesome 2003 HISS 2 repaint). What a shame. As for that rifle, you’re right. It doesn’t seem right for a Cobra trooper, or any other bad guy, for that matter. That rifle belongs only to one of the good guys.

      • Black Major made desert CG’s years ago, but not in the set’s colors. No brown helmets, and his boots were brown to match other “leather” details on his figures. No red trim, either. The quality of those factory custom desert guards was not the best. Tend to have loose swivel arms joints and gaps in the torso seams. Not terrible, but disappointing.

        • Thank you very much for that information. I like some of those customs as long as the rivets on the arms are put in the right way, and not backwards, like the ones on the arms of the Black Major’s Night Force Starduster. There is an article on that figure on here.

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