Dr. Zarkov

By Past Nastification Why is a Flash Gordon figure here- on a GI Joe website? Because it’s pointless to ignore such a beautifully sculpted 1:18 scale figure that easily could have been used as a civilian back in early 80’s, that’s why! Introduced by Mattel in 1979, Dr. Zarkov is the only Flash Gordon figure which could pass as Joe-compatible,

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The Power of Packaging: Action Man High Rescue

I’ve long thought that the Adventure Team’s chest winch accessory was one of the most irresponsibly designed pieces of equipment in the team’s history. It’s a debilitating back injury waiting to happen. When you strap this sucker on, you might as well have the work comp doc on standby. I mean, we wouldn’t see something this kind of egregious disregard for

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Salute to Facial Hair: Day Four

No coverage of GI Joe’s history of hair would be complete without mentioning the fuzz-head. A novel concept, to be sure, the flocked hair look was an ingenious upgrade to the original 12 inch painted hair figures. It’s both tactile and toyetic, lending a unique look to the toys that would be forever associated with the brand, even those of

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