The Power of Packaging: Action Man High Rescue

I’ve long thought that the Adventure Team’s chest winch accessory was one of the most irresponsibly designed pieces of equipment in the team’s history. It’s a debilitating back injury waiting to happen. When you strap this sucker on, you might as well have the work comp doc on standby. I mean, we wouldn’t see something this kind of egregious disregard for employee safety again until the days of Cobra Command.

In the UK, the device was offered as part of a multi set series that also included the famous yellow jumpsuit (another AT favorite of mine). Its usefulness in a high tree rescue seems dubious at best, but wait–Action Man has come up an ingenious use for it that I’m sure saved him at least thirty seconds of work time. He’s using it to retrieve his chainsaw. Hopefully it’s not running when he hauls it up.

High Rescue


  • I will say that safety sensibilities have come a long way in the past 50 years. I saw an old photo of a guy standing in the top of a tree doing work with only a half inch rope tied around his waist. His retrospective comment was “hey, at least I had my rope tied on!” Nice to see Action Man had a hard hat, too!

  • Good old toys!

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