Avalanche (1987)

Avalanche is I think the most stylish of the Battle Force 2000 members. Maybe it’s the white and silver uniform, but to me he has the cleanest look on the team. Like his teammates, he’s equipped with an odd helmet. His is certainly the biggest of the group. Perhaps there’s lots of high tech gadgetry built into it, the sort of thing that helps him efficiently pilot his Dominator snow tank. Then again, he may just have a huge head under there.

I absolutely adore the rifle, a very funky 1950’s spaceman number referred to on the packaging as a Sub-zero stun gun. With its disc and electrode prong barrel, the weapon looks like something from a Republic serial.

All told, it’s a very straighforward mold, without too many of the odd elements (like Blaster’s garters or Maverick’s Robot Monster helmet) that plagued some of his compadres. Avalanche is one of those figures who effectively fulfilled the wish of many a post-86 Joe fan: to be repainted and appreciated in another color scheme. His body (sans head) made it into a con exclusive set as the excellent Skull Squad Trooper, which arguably surpassed its originator’s paint scheme.


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