Cybor Trooper (1996 CORPS!)

Lanard’s CORPS! toy line has had a long long history of repaints. In my time of collecting the series, I’ve found that the original versions of the figures are increasingly harder to find than the myriad of repaints produced through the 90s. The Max Power series featured many of the original molds in a variety of odd camo patterns. Cybor Trooper doesn’t fare too well with his particular paint scheme.

The original figure was a detailed and interestingly designed figure, and was one that stood out as different from his compatriots, with a futuristic looking uniform. He was almost like a Lanard take-off on Battle Force 2000, although his release date was one year earlier than Joe’s future force. According to his dossier, Cybor Trooper developed advanced combat body armor and battlefield equipment.

The repainted solid white with dollops of camo buries all of the detail in the figure. Maybe it was meant to be an arctic camo. Unfortunately, it ends up looking like spotted pajamas. Going back to Battle Force 2000, this color scheme reminds me of Avalanche. Wow, now I’m really wondering if it’s just coincidence.


  • While there are a lot of things about this figure that confuse me, my biggest question is why his skin tone is green? Seriously, I don’t think I can further contemplate this figure because he’s got green skin. I’m confused and I need help…

  • I think the green tone here is supposed to pass for a ski mask. The original version is wearing armor around his nose and mouth so his face has never been fully shown.

    Going by the name alone, Cybor Trooper was the closest you could find to an army builder in the early years of the line. I’ve always viewed the paint job used here as arctic camo, much like the kind you sometimes see on German soldiers.

  • Dreadnok: Spirit

    The paint scheme and camo colors really hide a lot of the detail from the original figure. I definitely prefer the purple and gray version.

  • Are early C.O.R.P.S figures valuable? I’ve canibalised most of mine for parts [except Jones because there arnt enough 3 3/4 archeologist action figures out there]

    Check out what they did to the Bengali character. They put his head on Whispering Willy’s body and turned him into a road warrior.

    My Little brother collected C.O.R.P.S figures in the 90’s inbetween Biker Mice and Street sharks. All the ones he got had no biographies. They all came with the same secret mission

  • Was the mission to DEVIL’S TOWER and far in the future? Ha-ha. Yeah.

  • I actually like both versions of Cybor Trooper. He’s one of my favorite Corps figures. I always assumed the green skin was camo facepaint and before the late 90’s sci-fi guys like Lars Lazer Cybor Trooper was the best Corps army builder. I’m actually looking for several copies of this guy in both of his paint schemes. Also that version of Bengala Skymate brings up is one of the most bizarre figures I’ve seen and I hated it. It clashed with itself and just made no sense. It also seemed lazily thrown together. I do still like the original one though.

  • @G.I. Anon
    My favorite C.O.R.P.S figure is Jones [never guess who i used to pretend he was]
    My Mothers was the motorbike cop whom reminded her of one of her favorite bands and my Dads was Fox as my Dad had fond memories of those ww2 propagander films

  • Cybor Trooper is one bad-ass mo-fo!

    Total control of electronics and computers he interacts with??

    Cybor Trooper sounds almost as powerful as DC Comics’ 1990’s Hank Henshaw / Cyborg Superman!!!

    In my “Corps!-verse”, the incident that originally caused Cybor Trooper’s extensive injuries was an attack by Destroys M.A.R.S. armaments / Iron Grenadier forces on a science facility he was working at.

    Mister Scientist Man Operative (Cybor Trooper’s real name has been classified as “Top Secret” by NATO and United Nations security) couldn’t be bribed for some of his technological inventions by M.A.R.S.

    After the attack, and being rebuilt as a cybernetic ubermensch organism, Cybor Trooper decided to rejoin the elite force of military veterans in the joint N.A.T.O. and United Nations international security force known as “The Corps!”, also known as “Project Grey Fox”.

    Years later, Cobra Commander (1991 Version 4 red face plate Cobra Commander, to be exact) learned about Cybor Trooper from Destro, who had implanted a secret activation code to make Cybor Trooper go berserk and murder any personnel within a 10-mile radius.

    Cobra Commander purchased this activation code from Destro and used it when the Corps! team was interfering with COBRA operations in Australia.

    Cybor Trooper tore through the Corps! team WITH HIS BARE HANDS and even proceeded to take maniacal bites out of Corps! Tactical Tanks, Humvees, motorcycles, and Star Force’s Space Cowboys’ mechanized horses, too!
    Chewing on the metal like a crazed madman!!

    (a regiment of the Space Cowboys was vacationing in Australia at the time)

    After all present Corps! forces were annihilated by Cybor Trooper, his kill-everything circuit burned itself out, with the poor cybernetic bastard realizing he did all these bad things, horrified and shocked beyond belief!!

    Turns out Fox, the Grand Marshall, General, and Admiral of The Corps!, knew about COBRA’s plans all along!

    As it turns out, Lightning Mobutu had gone out on foot really quick to get The Corps! team some takeout at a local fast-food joint (name of the restaurant is classified), where he overheard some 1989 Python Patrol Officers and 1990 Sonic Fighter Vipers laughing diabolically as they discussed Cobra Commander’s heinous plans!

    So Lightning Mobutu reported it all back to Fox, who made a plan…

    Grand Marshall Fox commissioned a bunch of robotic / android duplicates of The Corps! team members, the Space Cowboys, and their space horses, to be in place when Cobra Commander activated the bloodthirsty Cybor Trooper!

    So only lifeless robots and cheapie junker tanks + hummers + bikes (loaded without weapons but with elaborate fireworks) were actually destroyed by Cybor Trooper in his psychotic kill rage!!!

    No humans or animals were harmed.

    (thank goodness!)

    Fox had his most tech-savvy N.A.T.O. and U.N. team members on The Corps! trace the signal sent to activate the murderous Cybor Trooper back to Cobra Commander’s hidden base in the Swiss Alps, where the REAL Corps! team attacked the next day.

    The COBRA Commander narrowly escaped, but The Corps! recovered half a billion units of various European currencies in both assets and secret accounts.

    Cobra Commander summarily executed the loudmouthed Python Officers and golden Sonic Vipers when they turned themselves in, out of feelings of guilt and fanatical loyalty to the Commander.

    But Cobra Commander felt better when he discovered some winning lottery tickets in the backpacks of the executed Python Patrol Officers…

    Cybor Trooper had a nervous breakdown after the incident.
    But Fox made it up to him by sending Cybor Trooper to Club Med for a few months, and then Fox and Cybor Trooper partied it up in Amsterdam with higher end female escorts for 18 months.

    (Fox thought it important to personally supervise that Amsterdam hooker portion of Cybor Trooper’s recovery – a valued operative)

    Cybor Trooper felt a lot better and returned to duty.

    Various governments allied with NATO and the UN were impressed with Cybor Trooper’s strength and hyper powers during his murderous rampage upon the dozens of super-powered robot duplicates of The Corps! members, along with Space Cowboy robot duplicates, too.

    Grand Admiral / 5-Star General Fox went all out to purchase and manufacture convincingly strong robot fighters against Cybor Trooper so that COBRA would believe they were The Corps! and not some dummies.

    These tough robot androids were considered almost as tough as G.I. Joe team members (except for Tripwire).

    Because everyone was so impressed with how dangerous and strong Cybor Trooper was in that 32-to-1 battle, they commissioned the manufacture of a whole BRIGADE of Cybor Troopers!!!

    Holy s**t… holy cow!!

    The new Cybor Trooper brigade, code-named “Titanium Brigade”, employs both the original purple-and-grey uniforms of the original Cybor Trooper, along with a special ” Arctic Camouflage” edition wearing green ski-masks, but virtually identical death-ray hair-drier pistols and go-go jetpacks with cyborg fuel (like Gerber baby food fruit-n-vegetable mush) and extra ammo.

    The original Cybor Trooper was team lead on the massive build of duplicates of himself…
    But he purposely secretly made them all alot less-powerful than himself.
    With secret knock-out codes to knock them out anytime by thought.

    Fox was busted down to bird Colonel (0-6) from 5-Star General (O-10 + 1) because of his antics in Amsterdam…

    …and the excessive expenses of building the fake robotic duplicate Space Horses for the bogus Space Cowboys…

    …and because he messed around with the wives of prominent politicians allied with The Corps! in multiple countries on multiple occasions.

    Poor Fox!

    How do I know this…???

    Because, I am the operative known as Colonel Cobra!
    Former Crimson Guard Commander (the 1993 version, NOT one of the 1985 Crimson Twins)

    Colonel Cobra

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