The Power of Packaging: Retaliation Night Viper

It’s not often that we focus on modern card art in a TPOP feature, but I find the Retaliation line look speaks to an issue that’s all to common in action figure series these days. Without sounding like a grumpy old guy (too late), today’s packages are missing something.

Since 2012, package backs (at least from Hasbro) have become even less interesting of late, with multi-lingual legalese copy occupying a large swath, and very little focus on cross-sell. At least the Retaliation series gave us a few shots of the figure, some basic character information, as well as a few of its mates along the side. I also can’t fault the fact that the supposed ninja design elements were carried through. If only Hollering Rock and Stabby Snake Eyes were replaced with something more dynamic on front.


  • I always find cardart featuring a photo of the actual toy a let-down. Especially when it’s in a clear bubble, so you’ve got the two side-by-side. The Rock is a selling point for whatever product he’s involved in and Snake Eyes is eternal, but a little explosion graphic with a Tread Ripper jumping out would’ve added some excitement.

  • No file card = fail. All they had to do was format the description on the back into a square at least.
    Not that it stopped people from paying too much for these from scalpers.

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