Lift-Ticket (2013)

Lift-Ticket made his way into the modern era along with the amazing Eaglehawk helicopter, part of the Retaliation toy line. Of course, neither the vehicle or driver appeared in the film, but that’s not a bit deal. At least we got a new version of the classic Tomahawk and a nicely accessorized pilot out of the deal. Time has really

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Retaliation Budo

By KansasBrawler If you’re going to add a buttload of ninjas to the Joe line, you really should give them someone to fight and what’s more appropriate than a bunch of ninjas fighting a samurai? (Well, maybe a gladiator, but that’s only if your mind was warped by SpikeTV’s Deadliest Warrior…) Budo Samurai Warrior is an interesting figure (with a

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Retaliation Crimson Guard

By KansasBrawler I’ve always liked the Crimson Guard. The concept of elite Cobra operatives who are not only dangerous on the battlefield but dangerous inside the American home front as well is really cool. However, to me, the figure has always relegated him to the status of Cobra Commander’s bodyguard. That’s neat enough, but I’ve always thought the Crimson Guards

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