Lift-Ticket (2013)

Lift-Ticket made his way into the modern era along with the amazing Eaglehawk helicopter, part of the Retaliation toy line. Of course, neither the vehicle or driver appeared in the film, but that’s not a bit deal. At least we got a new version of the classic Tomahawk and a nicely accessorized pilot out of the deal.

Time has really given me a different perspective on this figure. At the time of its release I was not all that impressed by it. Considering that Joe is gone from toy shelves, and action figures in general have become less articulated, I’m of a different mind about him. At the time, we had seen most of the parts in other recent pilots, but that doesn’t detract from the fact that sculpted detail and accessories are quite good. The helmet, headset and rifle impress me, and the new head sculpt is a nice inclusion. I think he looks a bit like Tom Hanks. If there’s one element to improve, it’s paint detail. Sole contrasting color on the sleeves or legs would have been nice.


  • You’re right about him needing a little more color. Some of the Retaliation “Ultimate” figures were so realistic, they were dull. Good for army building, though, and this Lift Ticket is a great base for a helicopter crew.

  • It’s unfortunate that Hasbro never produced a modern fighter pilot figure this good. Slipstream from the VvV Thunderwing Jet is probably the best fighter pilot G.I. Joe to date, but unfortunately doesn’t mesh well with the aesthetics or scaling of the more recent figures

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