Cobra BAT (2009 Resolute)

Cobra Battle Android Troopers lend themselves well to variants, as evidenced by official Hasbro repaints as well as factory custom figures. Who doesn’t love the option to collect a veritable rainbow of mechanized death? The 25th Anniversary BAT figure remains one of my favorites from the era. The original design translated amazingly well to the more detailed and articulated style.

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Resolute Scarlett

By KansasBrawler I know Hasbro always takes a lot of grief from fans (myself included) for so vehemently sticking behind their “girl figures don’t sell” line when we question their decisions to make sought-after female characters like Zarana and Jinx convention exclusives. Unfortunately, for me, Resolute Scarlett does kind of prove their point. I really wanted to like this figure.

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Firefly (2010 Resolute)

Firefly has usually received some sort of attention in each post-80s iteration of GI Joe. The Resolute animation was no different, although the famous saboteur didn’t get much to do. Granted, the special wasn’t of an epic length, and many beloved Joes and Cobras got only a few second of screen time. Poor Bazooka, for example, showed up on a

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