Firefly (2010 Resolute)

Firefly has usually received some sort of attention in each post-80s iteration of GI Joe. The Resolute animation was no different, although the famous saboteur didn’t get much to do. Granted, the special wasn’t of an epic length, and many beloved Joes and Cobras got only a few second of screen time. Poor Bazooka, for example, showed up on a slab. Too bad. Firefly at least got some sort of excitement in his appearance, firing a missile that broadcast a holographic video of Cobra Commander. Pretty impressive.

I found the Resolute designs to be very refreshing. While obviously based in elements of the original toys, the new look added enough modern flair to be interesting. Even though the box sets featured some shared parts, the modern construction style’s flexibility allowed for quite a bit of variation. The series also introduced articulation improvements that had been needed since the 25th line’s debut in 2007.

Firefly (2010 Resolute) Firefly (2010 Resolute) Firefly (2010 Resolute) Firefly (2010 Resolute) Firefly (2010 Resolute) Firefly (2010 Resolute)

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