Resolute Cobra Officer (2009)

The Cobra Officer goes way way back to the beginnings of the relaunched 1980s GI Joe line. Though the differences between it and the Cobra soldier seemed small to me as a kid, I now see how unique that figure appears next to his rank and file comrade. Such was not the case with this officer, available as part of the Resolute multi-pack. This time, the officer merely has a helmet chevron. What, no fancy web gear?

The Resolute figures in general were a step up from the 2007 figures in terms of articulation and playability. Improved joint construction lent the figures more pose and weapon wielding opportunities. In the case of the trooper and Officer in this pack, they also incorporated the later trooper head—with actual molded hair!

When I first spotted the crimson and black colored set, I figured it for a Resolute set of Crimson Guard themed Cobras, but such was not (officially) the case. Of course, you can call them whatever you’d like. They definitely look like an elite group to me.


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