The Power of Packaging: Major Bludd

I never had a Major Bludd on card. I got mine in one of those Christmas catalog 3-packs. I’m not complaining, but I missed out on staring at a full-size example of his card art. However I did have his file card, and the example of his poetry brought me great joy. “and make the suckers jump and dance” still cracks me up.

Major Bludd

Major Bludd-back


  • Bludd’s artwork is nothing short of awesome. As a kid I took the dogtags to be those of the men he’s killed.

    As for the poetry, in 5th grade, I wrote his poem down as a secret santa gift for the girl whose name I drew. The next day, the whole class got a lecture on “appropriate” gifts. For that reason, I still remember the stanzas.

    • That is AWESOME! Probably get a kid counseling these days, though. I was the same about his dogtags, too. Major Bludd was a bad dude. Got mine via mail away, so I never had this cardback, but it’s one of my favorites.

    • That sounds risky even in eighty three.

  • My Bludd was a very worn example from a yard sale. Seeing that card is greag!

  • ”Major Bludd. Cobra’s class clown, who always gave G. I. Joe a lot of trouble, and took no sides, except when it came to the highest bidder for his services.”

  • Such a great staple from 1983. He always seemed to be Manning or leading a unit of Hiss tanks, from the crystal cave tobisland of no return. He made Cobra seem legit as a quasi military organization.

    • With Swivel-Arm Battle Grip…for just the one arm.

      I forgot his card said “Major Bludd The Enemy” back when they weren’t so hung up on labeling everything Cobra. Odd his file card says GI JOE on it.

  • Then there is Destroys respect for him when he comes back with the crystals. Cobra needed more mercenaries, and less eccentrics

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