Cobra CLAWS Commander (2003)


When I started this blog nearly five years ago, much of the motivation for doing it centered on reconnecting with my collection. As I dove into the myriad figures I had available in my collection, I began to find a quickly rekindled interest in the toys from the years dubbed “new sculpt” by collectors. Produced with the same o-ring construction

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Pit Viper (2003)


If you were collecting the relaunched Joe line in its second year and were bummed about the initial figures’ proportions, you may have been impressed with the Pit Viper. The figure isn’t too bad in terms of the length of its arms and legs, although it still seems short in the torso. His pack was also impressive to me thanks

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Iron Grenadier (2003)

One of the more imposing Cobra figures released during the relaunched small Joe era, the revamped Iron Grenadier was an instant favorite with me. I didn’t have any attachment to the 80s version, as it was available first during the time I had dropped out of toy collecting. Maybe that’s the reason I accepted this figure so readily. Whatever the

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Red Spot pinch hits tonight

Your intrepid blogger has been under the weather of late, so it’s been a bit of a slog to keep up the pace. For tonight, here’s a quick shout out to an old post. There are more than a few figures from the relaunched o-ring years that piqued my interest and kept a bit of freshness in the brand. Red

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Barrel Roll (2003)

Barrel Roll is one of the coolest figures of its time. What? Yes. How much cooler can you get in a GI Joe line when a new character not only starts an intriguing storyline, but also includes a disguisable vehicles? To start off, Barrel Roll introduced a new specialty that’s interesting, a high altitude sniper. The concept is simple, and

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Grunt (2003)

I’ve covered Grunt in his Spy Troops incarnation before, but after taking pics of a few other disguised figures last week, I’ve wanted to take another look at him. Many of the Spy Troops series snap on armor, leg and arm bracers and helmets were less than convincing. Some were of a downright humorous effect. Grunt’s Cobra getup doesn’t look

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