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Neo-Viper (2009 Combat Heroes)


A quick little video about a quirky little figure.


Red Fang Redux


It’s another look at the Red Fang Ninja, one of the unexpectedly cool original figures from the 2009 movie line. Check out this blast from the past here.

Duke (2009 Rescue Mission)

Conrad “Duke” Hauser (2009 Rescue Mission)


Aren’t you a little thin for a toy version of Mr. Tatum? Oh yeah, that’s because this exclusive figure was based on Breaker, a toy based on an actor of decidedly less beefy proportions. Duke looks a little odd, like his head doesn’t quite belong to his body. That’s a shame, since the training More >

Scarlett (2009)

Scarlett (2009)


Female figures don’t sell. If you’ve been collecting action figures for a minute, and have ever read or heard and interview with a toy company rep, be it Hasbro, Mattel, Toy Biz or others, you’re familiar with the mantra. Conventional wisdom states that its true. Until I had a child, I had my More >

GI Joe Pit Commando (2009)

GI Joe Pit Commando (2009)


What should we call these nameless movie troopers? Blueish-grey camo shirts? Some folks don’t think the small Joes should incorporate nameless troops, as it goes against the outfit’s origin as a team of highly skilled specialists. I don’t mind the concept at all, and I rather enjoy the flexibility More >

Snake Eyes (2009)

Snake Eyes (2009 Rescue Mission)


All black Snake Eyes figures are things of beauty to me. There’s something great about the simplicity of that first figure from 1982, clad in just one cast shade of black plastic. Through the years, there have only been a handful of figures to go this route, one of which I’ve covered here More >

Ice Viper (2009)

Ice Viper (2009)


While I was generally underwhelmed by the Rise of Cobra film’s basic trooper, I found myself enjoying the figures that were the specialist troops. From the movie Eel to the Elite Viper and this Ice Viper, the less generic guys held more interest. Maybe I’m biased because I’ve always found something More >

Hawk (2009)

General Clayton “Hawk” Abernathy (2009)


I still don’t quite know how I feel about Dennis Quaid portraying General Hawk in the Rise of Cobra. I suppose it shouldn’t be a big issue, considering the film in general strayed so far from the GI Joe cartoon, comic and toy fictions of the 1980s. This Hawk was not the leader of a lean American More >

Crimson Neo-Viper (2009)

Crimson Neo-Viper (2009)


So I guess the idea here was to create a sort of homage to the Crimson Guard for all of us 80s Joe freaks. The all too brief file card states: CRIMSON NEO-VIPERS are masters of power and lethality within the COBRA ranks. They guard the leaders of COBRA and willingly submit to agonizing procedures More >

Serpent Armor (2009)

Serpent Armor (2009)


The SNAKE armor has come in quite a few different flavors over the years. Aside from the original white, there’s a Cobra blue version, as well as an interesting red recolor from across the pond. With the Rise of Cobra tie-in toys came this black number, perfect for all your formal Cobra world More >

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