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Charbroil (1989 Night Force )

Does a team of night operatives really need a flamethrower trooper? Wouldn’t a huge spout of flame negate all those efforts toward dark camouflage? I know, I know, it’s only a toyline. I should relax and try not to think too much, but honestly, when you write about this crap every day, you kind of can’t help it. Charbroil has

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Gung Ho (2004)

Much was made of Night Force this year, with the convention exclusive set focusing on the popular GI Joe sub-team. Believe it or not, Night Force got a little bit of love during the second o-ring era. First there was a two-pack during the Spy Troops series, then a second set within Valor vs. Venom. Gung Ho is an interesting

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Flint (2004)

Night Force was quite well represented in the 2000’s era, appearing in a couple of army builder waves as well as a Toys R Us multi-pack. This Flint hails from the latter, and I like his inclusion in the group. He’s a prominent command member of the GI Joe team, and I always find him useful in a leadership role.

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