Night Force was quite well represented in the 2000′s era, appearing in a couple of army builder waves as well as a Toys R Us multi-pack. This Flint hails from the latter, and I like his inclusion in the group. He’s a prominent command member of the GI Joe team, and I always find him useful in a leadership role. Even though Lt. Falcon was in the group already, it couldn’t hurt to have Flint present. After all, he was a part of Tiger Force and the Eco Warriors, so why not add another sub-line to his resume? Even if you don’t put him in command, he could be a perfect pilot for the era’s Night Attack Chopper.

The look for this set was a departure from the 80′s version of the group, with patterns and digital camo instead of the old simple subdued coloring. Unlike the old crew, this team gets the same shirt/pants combo throughout, which looks more cohesive as a unit, but I do miss the variation that the old guys provided.

There’s quite a bit of detailed paint work, not the least of which is the very crisp shirt pattern. When I first saw it, I thought it was plaid, but the style has since grown on me. And if you’re a longtime reader here, you’ll probably guess that I like the pants. I didn’t really care for the face paint camo, so I scraped it off. It was easily removed, and didn’t mar the face at all.

Did this Flint really need another release? Probably not (especially with Firefly’s accessories), but I dig it since it adds optional possibilities for one of the mainstay Joes.

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