Flint (2004)

Night Force was quite well represented in the 2000’s era, appearing in a couple of army builder waves as well as a Toys R Us multi-pack. This Flint hails from the latter, and I like his inclusion in the group. He’s a prominent command member of the GI Joe team, and I always find him useful in a leadership role. Even though Lt. Falcon was in the group already, it couldn’t hurt to have Flint present. After all, he was a part of Tiger Force and the Eco Warriors, so why not add another sub-line to his resume? Even if you don’t put him in command, he could be a perfect pilot for the era’s Night Attack Chopper.

The look for this set was a departure from the 80’s version of the group, with patterns and digital camo instead of the old simple subdued coloring. Unlike the old crew, this team gets the same shirt/pants combo throughout, which looks more cohesive as a unit, but I do miss the variation that the old guys provided.

There’s quite a bit of detailed paint work, not the least of which is the very crisp shirt pattern. When I first saw it, I thought it was plaid, but the style has since grown on me. And if you’re a longtime reader here, you’ll probably guess that I like the pants. I didn’t really care for the face paint camo, so I scraped it off. It was easily removed, and didn’t mar the face at all.

Did this Flint really need another release? Probably not (especially with Firefly’s accessories), but I dig it since it adds optional possibilities for one of the mainstay Joes.


  • I hpe to get this set one day so i can put them all on my night attack chopper

  • Have you ever put this de-camo’d Flint head atop the Comic Pack version’s body?

    This was the first time since 1988 the original Flint mold was used in the US, though without the original forearms (replaced by Roadblock V1’s). This would be repeated with the Comic Pack version as well.

    • Hadn’t thought to try that. I actually don’t mind the comic pack Flint head.

      • I meant to see just how it looks.

        Actually, an interesting custom would be going further than that (with duplicates, of course)–once the head’s on, repaint the gloves, belt, straps, and paints into the original version’s colors, give him a black version of the original shotgun and backpack….

  • Always cool to see most of the original Flint again in some capacity. I wasn’t collecting in ’04 so I gotta check out the Night Attack Chopper.

  • One of those good multi-figure pack sets, where if one had bought the Python Patrol set at the same time, I truly believe you would have a near Collectors Club quality group of figures in one grab.

    Flint in his Night Force deco here was often the main figure I went for when I wanted a Flint for many years. I agree in that I didn’t care for the face paint and am now just realizing that I should have simply rubbed it off instead of trading it away.

    The N.A.C. made for a great team chopper for the Night Force set, too, and Flint was the perfect pilot.

    Heck, Flint fits just about anywhere a fan could go!

  • The patterning on the shirt is probably meant to represent the old US desert night camouflage:


    • Good call on the camo Jester. I had always wondered what that was all about.

      I didn’t appreciate the weapons given to us with this set, none seemed to suit their owners and all needed to be replaced as soon as I opened the packaging. Still I guess those weapon molds were easily available during that era. The NF figures themselves look fantastic as a matching set though.

      – John.

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