Bullet-Proof (1993)


I know I’m unusual in this, but I’ve got a thing for the 1993 series. I won’t say it began when I was buying the figures off the pegs back in the day, but it certainly started to take hold when I re-visited my collection as part of this blog. The year’s Battle Corps offerings are a combination of brightly-colored

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Big Bear (1992)


Imagine my surprise when coming back to GI Joe collecting in 1991 and discovering that a member of the Oktober Guard had been released as a GI Joe figure. Red Star, though not one of the original members I remembered from the Marvel comic in the 1980s, nonetheless represented an element of the GI Joe mythos that I never though

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Cobra Eel (1993)

Hasbro went redeco crazy with some of 1993’s Battle Corps figures. Call it the last gasps of a once fabulously successful toyline, or a cheap way to extend the line for another year, the fact remains that, repaints aside, the year’s output in terms of single carded figures was immense. With Battle Corps and a host of offshoot sub-teams, there

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Outback (1993)

This more subdued color scheme followed up the Battle Corps’ repackaging of a planned (and colorful) Eco Warrior Outback. I don’t recall if either version was difficult to find, as the last two years of the Real American Hero line lingered on shelves in my area. When Outback was revealed as part of last year’s con set, I was hoping

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Roadblock (1993)

I’m sure most Joe collectors (and toy collectors active in the 90s) remember the saga of Recalled Roadblock and his Deadly Spinning Launcher of Death and Dismemberment. The thing apparently didn’t pass muster back then, the story being it either broke easily or was too powerful, so the powers that be recalled it. Was it because Hasbro didn’t want kids

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Bazooka (1993)

The Battle Corps years probably contain the highest per capita amount of funky trousers in all of GI Joe history. Considering the overall weirdness of the figure designs at the time, it’s not really all that surprising. After all, 1993 gave rise to Giraffe Pants Leatherneck, Stonewash Jeans Cross Country, and Zubaz Night Creeper Leader, just to name a few.

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Snow Storm (1994)

How’s this for a late run RAH figure? Snow Storm had three color schemes in two years. Pretty amazing, but not too surprising when you consider just how many of the 1993 Battle Corps figures were repainted in 1994. I suppose the heavy mold reuse that year was part of the writing on the wall near the line’s end. The

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Gristle (1993)

1993 saw the continuation of the previous year’s DEF, albeit in a less obvious manner. Each of the second year Joe drug fighters and Cobra criminals were folded into the regular Battle Corps assortment, and given normal accessories in place of the previous Battle Flash weaponry. Gristle comes to us as either a lieutenant or successor to the drug kingpin

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1,000th Post!


It’s a milestone! I’m amazed that the blog is up to 1,000 posts. Wow, it seems like only yesterday that I started this crazy mess. Anyway, it kind of snuck up on me. But I am one to celebrate such things, so today I’ve put together a little something different to share. Check out the video…

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