Sgt. Stalker (2008)

Sgt. Stalker (2008)Stalker is one of the Joe characters that I always buy, regardless of whether he’s a new mold or a simple repaint. Released as part of Target’s exclusive Ultimate Battle Pack, he was one of seven figures included in the set. This was one of those times when the word “ultimate” wasn’t just hyperbolic. Heck, the monstrous box also included a MOBAT, HISS Tank and a Flight Pod. For sheer amount of Joe product released, 2007-2009 really was an incredible time.

Stalker gets an interesting repaint scheme this time around. Instead of the earlier 25th Anniversary versions molded in a lighter shade of green, he’s wearing a more subdued and darker combination. Even the straps are very dark this time around. He’s also painted with gloves on, which I think  finally makes sense considering the way that the wrists were designed on this mold. I could see the figure being used as a night ops version of Stalker’s original look.

The man is no stranger to strapping on a JUMP jet pack, and this time Lonzo gets the laser gun as well. The same year saw a DVD pack with only the pack itself. This time Stalker takes to the air with weaponry. He’s also packing a silver version of the “grease gun” that came with the single carded release.


Sgt. Stalker (2008)


  • Joe “Clutch” Castro

    I will buy pretty much any Stalker figure that I can get, yeah. He’s easily one of my favorite Joes due in no small part to the comic and Larry Hama’s no-nonsense characterization of the man.

    I was lucky to get the Ultimate Battle Pack off the Bay at a discount because the box was damaged and it is well worth the investment for all the stuff you get. Stalker is in his classic look here, with the black beret and gloves providing a cool variant. The set does include the JUMP laser gun which you don’t come across that often, so that is another plus. Highly recommended for Stalker fans of all ages.

  • Go get ’em kid

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