Rapid Fire Motorcycle (RAM)

Whenever I consider my favorite 80s GI Joe vehicles, I have a hard time choosing between the VAMP and the RAM. I’m still torn to this day. Can I pick them both? Oh crap, the JUMP is on that list too–I need three all-time favorites, at the least.

Rock ‘n Roll was the riding the cycle in both stories featured in the first Marvel comics issue, and Breaker was the man behind the handlebars on the iconic package art. Speaking of which, who as a kid wasn’t immediately sold on this toy just by the explosive energy of the box? I know I was; between CHiPs and BMX, I was loving this thing. The machine gun outrigger was a bonus. For that reason, I think Rock ‘n Roll is a better fit. Then again, don’t forget animated Stalker’s incredible Evel Knievel style jump in the first Sunbow mini-series. Maybe I’ll change my answer. Too many difficult choices!

While there were other versions of this mold, and future cycles of two, three and four wheeled varieties, the RAM still stands the test of time as a go-to light and fast Joe attack vehicle. And that cannon is still crazy as all hell. I love it.


  • Great article, and great photos, but, you forgot about either Flash, or Grand Slam, riding the RAM on the intro of the M.A.S.S. Device mini series. The way that I see it, is that if the 1982 Hawk figure was not going to be sold in a blistered card, then it should have been sold with the RAM, instead of the MMS. To me, Hawk, the leader of G.I. Joe, is the one that should be riding this motorcycle leading the troops into battle, instead of staying behind manning some missiles launching thing. He didn’t get any respect back then. Anyway, I just don’t understand why didn’t the Hasbro folks do any repaints of the RAM either in the late 80’s(for the Tiger Force, or the Night Force), or in the 90’s(for the Eco Warriors, or the D.E.F.), and instead it wasn’t until 2010 that we got a desert version, and with an added handlebar. But by then the scale of the new figures was not compatible with the o-ring figures.

    • ”You could not have put it any better James.You are so right.The 1982 version of Hawk should have been sold with the 1982 G.I.Joe R.A.M.”

  • I agree about our favorite surfer dude. Although I love Breaker, when I think of the RAM, Rock & Roll is in the saddle. As for 80a rides, you left off the Killer Whale. Too many too choose🤔

  • Being a fan of the original comics as much as the figures themselves, I will always associate Rock n’ Roll with the R.A.M.
    In fact, my original childhood RnR and RAM are the only items I have from back then. Any other vintage pieces I own have been purchased/replenished in my adult years at some point.

  • Never had one as a kid. by the time I came into joes, the RAM was a relic and the Silver Mirage had come into play, with its shinyness, gun, rubber tires, missiles and overall good ness. Seriously though the RAM was a solid solid toy. you could dump that thing in a sand box and it was still fine 2 months later. The 25th one is the best though. It got a detail upgrade and since there are no foot pegs it makes a fine upgrade for the vintage figs!

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