Python Tele-Viper (1989)

Question: are certain members of Python Patrol meant to be individuals? I know that Cooperhead is, but
some of the other figures’ file cards change the terms from previous releases like “these” to “he’s”, and also frequently “this guy” which leads me to believe some may not be troopers, but rather single operatives. Then again, I could be reading too much into the simple grammar change on the back of an action figure package. Maybe I’ve been at this too long since I’m asking such ridiculous questions.

The Python Tele-Viper features the pattern that I find most pleasing among the group: the grey on grey snakeskin pattern. It was in place on the Crimson Guard and the Viper, and both wore it well, much better than Copperhead’s or the trooper’s yellow and green combo. Getting a bit of variation is a change from the original purple on blue design. While I like the original figure, I’m kind of amazed how much more detail comes out in a lighter color scheme. Too bad this mold didn’t make it into the 2000s multi-pack version of the Patrol. It would have looked pretty impressive in black, red and gold.



  • Wow, this is so funny because Mike T’s Forgotten Figures just put up a review of this figure!

    And hey, while this mold did not show up in the TRU multi-pack, at least the year after that was released we got a newsculpt version with that color scheme.

  • I think the patterns on the python patrol guys are meant to look like snake scales. It was quite impressive for the time.
    on the subject of him being an individual. I wonder if he is the same tele-viper Scoop locked up in a locker in Dragonfire?

  • Python Patrol is f—ing awesome no matter what they put that grid pattern on. Tele Vipers are a perfectly fit to add to their ranks.

  • If these guys had all been done in grey on grey, I might have felt different about them. But I just can’t get behind that yellow. When you think stealth, yellow is simply not a color which springs to mind.

  • I’m with Clutch on the yellow part. And worse than TeleViper, I can’t stand the Python CG (Canary Guard?). It would’ve been a stretch for 1989, but what about some logic to where the colors end up? Grey as a base color on all of them would’ve been nice. The 2003 TRU set was mostly better about uniformity among the unit.

  • Agreed. I liked Python Patrol (though Python Crimson Guard had a bit too much yellow). In some ways, I think Python Tele-Viper looks better than Tele-Viper.

    I think the yellow isn’t bad because it’s not very vivid despite being ‘loud’ (looks straw yellow) and it acts as a highlight (heh, highlighter yellow) to make what would’ve been a very drab gray & black figure stand out. I agree with Rob- the original coloration made some details get lost, details with stand out here.

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  • Dreadnok: Spirit

    I like this figure, but I prefer the original’s color scheme over this one.

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