Python Patrol Storm Shadow (2018 Black Major)

Python Patrol presents an interesting problem in terms of character selection. Just how many named Cobras should be part of the group? The concept lends itself well to army builders, but what about the main line Cobra operatives? Should there be a PP Cobra Commander? The initial assortment only presented Cooperhead, not exactly the highest ranking of snakes. The 2003 Toys R Us set put Major Bludd in the ranks. Now we’re talking–although he’s still a mercenary. What about Storm Shadow, at least a solid Cobra originally? By 1988 he was counted among the Joes, so no go there. That doesn’t stop customs however, as the latest Black Major variant puts the ninja in the group he couldn’t join in 1989. But is this Storm Shadow or simply a nameless Cobra Ninja army builder? That’s up to you.

Python Patrol Storm Shadow most closely resembles the color scheme of Copperhead and Gatilho, down to the yellow waist piece, although the green is not as deep. This uniform scheme makes a lot of sense considering that the mold has been done in greys recently, another of the common PP colors. It would have been nice to see an interpretation of the 2000s red/black/gold combo though. Maybe some day. I’m still waiting for a Tiger Force Stormy.


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