Python Patrol Lamprey (2003)

This version of the Lamprey inherits its specialty from the previous release of the mold, the Sonic Fighters Lampreys. Whereas the original was a specialized elite hydrofoil pilot form the Eels corps, the later Lamprey are assault troopers. I guess they’ve gone back in a way to their Eels origins.

I found the Python Patrol set’s color scheme to be a nice variation from the original. As a set, the group holds together in terms of deco. The red crosshatch brings to mind the classic PP vehicle color schemes. The gold accents really pop against the darker colorway, and give the figures a menace that the older set didn’t have.

Sure, the deco doesn’t make much logical sense, but this is Cobra. I don’t know why a flotation vest would be a good idea to paint gold, but hey, it looks neat. And the Lamprey mold is based on a coverall type uniform” without long boot or gloves, yet that’s how the paint scheme is applied. Not practical, but fun.


  • ”This version of the Cobra Lamprey(2003), is just as good ,as the original 1985 Cobra Moray Lamprey( Hawaiin Blue/Silver),maybe even better.”

  • The 2000 Lamprey figure had the long boots and gloves thing going on too. It didn’t make any sense there just like it doesn’t here on this Python version.

  • Dreadnok: Spirit

    I’m a fan of the original Python Patrol, but I’m not liking the color scheme on this figure.

  • These used to be pretty cheap loose, but it seems collectors have warmed up to this Python Patrol set. I prefer the original PP deco, but some like this Lamprey look okay. I wonder if the pattern is under the gold paint on the boots, since the backs of the knees are painted. Usually, they’d just cast the whole lower leg in gold or something.

  • It’s probably the first use of the ’88 Shockwave gun mold since 1994.

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