Ogre (2015 Lanard CORPS!)

The latest refresh of Lanard’s CORPS action figure line was a pleasant surprise. Introducing a new storyline depicting the conflict between the CORPS! and villainous group The Curse, the set has also given us newly sculpted figures and two female characters. As usual however, are a group of repainted older releases.

Ogre (2015 Lanard CORPS!)

Ogre’s mold has been used several times in the modern CORPS! series. First appearing in the early 2000s as part of the BUCs sub-team, a bio nuclear containment squad. The figure’s suit has been a bit of a mystery to me, as it looks more suited for bomb disposal than a Hazmat. In addition, the scarred face seems appropriate for a villain character. Oddly enough, the body (with a new head) was reused as the Marauders leader Ravage. Maybe that’s why it’s been repainted again as a villain. And what a repaint it is. Say what you will about the cartoonish, clunky qualities of the modern CORPS! figures, I am impressed with the deco here. The paint apps made me instantly pick up a mold whose appeal to me was previously only found in its quirkiness. I’m not ashamed to say: the skull design, and the execution of its gradient pattern made me say “Cool!” out loud in the aisle, like a little kid. I know it’s more than a little Punisher-y, down to the teeth on the belt, but I don’t care. It just looks…well…cool!

Ogre (2015 Lanard CORPS!)


  • I did the same thing, cool! I’ve been trying to complete my bucks and orcas collection for a while. This guy in his original blue being the last one I need. So I picked up two of these when I found them on the shelf and painted one blue with spray highlights. Looks ok.

  • I picked up one of those new 3 packs for fodder purposes. I was quite impressed with this guys detail.

  • Certainly more interesting than anything Hasbro’s produced in last decade.

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