Mobile Missile System (MMS)

The Mobile Missile System is one of the most real-world of the early GI Joe battlefield weapons. Where the HAL and JUMP were fantastical pieces of future technology, the MMS more closely resembles any number of mobile systems in use during the latter 20th century.

As a toy, the MMS is more playset than vehicle, and provides a smaller environment for figures to interact than wheeled vehicles. Like the other early weaponry and vehicles, the set is highly detailed. Since I’m a sucker for special features, the foldable support and stabilizer legs are a real bonus. The control box and its stand are my favorite elements, as both can be stowed away during transport. Attention to these kinds of features are what kept me interested in the line during its heyday.

The MMS included Hawk as its operator, the Joe team’s early field leader. His placement alongside a missile system makes a certain amount of sense, but I still would like to see his original figure on a single card. Hawk just didn’t get enough toy love until ’86.

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  • ”The G.I.Joe M.M.S. is known to be a take-off, on the Hawk Missile Defense System, developed by the U.S. Army during the 1950’s/60’s, and used by the U. S. Army, where they were deployed to protect Florida ,from air attacks during the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962.-When the 2 piece set of Hawk with his M.M.S.,came out during the Christmas Shopping season of 1982, they really flew off the toy department shelves.”

  • The debate about this one, as in which way the missiles which go on the launcher. The box art and box back show the opposite direction of your photos.

    Funny the comic really didn’t use this until it was discontinued (though likely still available via mail-in), and it was used by Deep Six, in a uniform that was never made. (It appears and gets blown up before it can be deployed in Operation Sea Strike)

    Now for my mocking of foreign “holy grails”: The Funskool orange MMS is the best version, cuz it’s rarest. If it were common it would suck.

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